The Tacit Putting Lifter & Covid Clip

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The Tacit Putting Lifter & Covid Clip
Tacit has developed what it is calling a ‘Covid-19 Clip’ so that golfers do not need to touch the flag when the lockdown period ends and playing the game can resume.

At the end of last year Tacit Golf introduced the ‘Tacit Lifter’ – a tube with a basket attached to it that is fitted over a flagstick, which meant then that golfers did not have to put their hands into the cup to retrieve the ball, ensuring damage to the golf hole was prevented. This was primarily brought in because the Rules of Golf changed in 2019 and allowed for golfers to putt with the flag in the hole.

People are now understandably concerned, more than ever, as to what items they do touch and if they can avoid contact where possible, that is indeed a positive outcome. When golf does start to be played again the UK, the combination of the ‘Tacit Lifter’ and ‘Covid-19 Clip’ will allow golfers to retrieve the ball by positioning their putter under the clip and pulling upwards. This means they do not have to touch the flag – significantly reducing the risk of them catching coronavirus.

Product Code: PGRN0947LIFTER

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